Trip to a wastewater purification plant

I had a lot of fun at the Erwat purification plant. The smell was unbearable but I am studying water and sanitation so I shouldn’t complain. I wouldn’t mind going back to the excursion because we learnt a lot. So stupid i did not take a few pictures of how the plant looks but nevertheless the people there were warm and welcoming. I have never been treated with so much hospitality.

I must I am not good with the posing issues hey. Anybody like me in that department? I had fun though.


Exam time


I wrote as blog about procastination a few weeks back, i guess i must emphasise that preparing for exam is very important. You do not want to be blank or depressed in there just because you do not have any idea what the question wants. People call exam in university or college, “so you think yo can graduate”. So if ypou don’t study, yo don’t pass and therefore don’t graduate. So we need to make it upon us to plan in time so that during exams we are sorted. All the best for your exam people, all the best.


Lack of preparation leads to that pic above= CONFUSION AND DEPRESSION.

from me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing , stay blessed.

Life is to be lived

Have you ever just woke up, bored, depressed and not looking foward to to anything? You mind feels heavy and you feel like you could sleep all day? And you are a young person? A young person is expected to be vibrant, alive, outgoing and ready to do anyhting insane. Well these characteristics that i have mentioned show one thing, you are not living your life as a young person. Yes you stay focusing on heavy things that you can’t control. Things that are not for you to deal with sometimes. Before you know it you are lying in your room in the morning bored, depressed, sad and torn. This blog post is that short. What i want to say to you is, let go of the things that you cannot control and focus on those that you can do.Learn to live young person, there are many things you are supposed to achieve in your life, and those you won’t see if you are focusing on your problems. Have a good Saturday. Life is to be lived.

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.

1 unpopular


Not everyone wants the spotlight. No,some just prefer their lives light without drama. Popularity just like any other thing in life has its ups and downs. Some of the extremes is that moment when you mess up and people forget that you are also a human being and throw blows at you. That’s one of the worst indeed. Some of us may love the spotlight because we know we have the thick skin to maintain it even during the lows. This leads us to the fact we are all different and we have different views about life.

I don’t like the spotlight myself. I prefer life cool with less mayhem. But the fun part, I have thing for writing and I want to share the stuff I write to the world out there. Now being the unpopular girl I am, this becomes a difficulty because you want to share your thoughts with people and hear what they have to say. I started with a Facebook page that is still in operation today but there is no much activity from the readers,you know why? Is either I am boring or I am not popular with the folks.

I started this blog in hope of sharing the insane ideas that I have to the world and get them comments of what people think but I am getting discouraged by the day because it’s like I am teacher in a classroom talking to myself. Being unpopular is good, you do not have to look fancy or top notch everyday. Even when you missed it on the dress code nobody saw it. Yet if you have a thing to interact with the world even though you don’t want drama, be ready to be disappointed. You check your instagram you wonder why you even have it LOL, you check your Twitter its just the same .That’s the sad part about being unpopular, you are not seen by anyone. You find it hard to share what you got, but it’s all good. So if you are like me out there, hold on, it will all work out. One step at a time someone one step at time.
From me to you ,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.




Our Monday crush Woman is Dj Zinhle. We love her fashion sense, her swag. She is also a single mom who shows us that it is possible to juggle work and family. She also inspired with her hot body after giving birth to baby K showing us that it was still possible to have a goegoeus body after birth. She is all about woman empowerment and we say you go lady. She also taught us that there is no such thing as jobs or titles for men, we know she is a Dj today, a place where only men where found. We love you mama kairo

Happy mother’s day

No woman, no birth, no you and I. To all the mothers in the world, the mothers of prayer, the mothers of virtue, the mothers of valor, the mothers of honour, the mothers of might, the mothers of warmth, the mothers of strength, the mothers of undestanding, the women of tender loving care, our motivators, our organizors, our teachers even when they are illiterate, out nurses, the engineers behind our dreams, they encourage us, woman with love, woman with softness, women with kindness, the list goes on.

We make you cry at times with our misbehavior, many of you checked into a hospitals beacuse of the high blood pressures we caused you, many of you are lying in hospitals because of a stroke, many of you are up in arms ready to leave the gospel of God because you think He does not answer you when you pray against our bad behavior, many of you sleep on a wet pillows every night because of the pain we cause you, yet you never cease to love us.

Yes we have heard of women who dump kids inside toilets, we have heard of women who abort their kids, we have heard of women who abandon their kids, but there is a saying which says, “it takes a woman to give birth to a child, but it takes a special woman to be a mother”. Another saying says “it takes a village to raise a child”, thus therefore even though some woman do that, there is no child who is an orphan because you woman are here. We celebrate and we thank you for being there for us. We give you trouble sometimes but you are forever with us. Happy mother’s day women of prayer, woman of strength, woman of virtue, our safety keepers, our destiny preservers…

To the mothers out there, the special women,

12241663_778295898983977_7151434856438765640_n (mom and little bother)

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.

Celebville: Boity Thulo and Thuli Phongolo and their new cribs

Image result for thulisile phongolo has a new crib

Thuli Phongolo is thee beaut no doubt about that.This beaut is not just a beaut but a beaut with brains ladies. This makes her such an inspiration to us as young girls who also have dreams to achieve great. We know her as Namhla from Generations the Legacy and many of us complain on her Twitter handle when we don’t see her appearing on Gen the Legacy. Well ladies, Thuli just got herself a new crib, like how dope is that. This shows us that as women, young woman rather, we can be independent too. We do not to be defined by a man or have a man in our lives to have things like a beautiful crib or fancy clothes, no we can do it on our own. Hope you are inspired because i am too. Here is a just a sneak peak of a pic she sent on instagram, we can’t wait to see the whole thing.

Ladies it looks she ain’t the only who got us inspired in this world of miss independent. Yes ladies we have another gorgeous beaut in our radar who spoiled herself not with ice-cream for her 26th birthday, no she didn’t. She bought herself a house!!! Wow, I still can’t get over that excitement. A house? You got to be kidding me and it is not just a house buddy, I am talking about a huge house. I will call it a mansion. Our very own Club 808 presenter, the beautiful Boity Thulo bought herself a house ladies, in celebration of her 26th birthday. I am inspired, there is nothing more inspiring than that. As miss Thulo would say it, “own your throne”. She also said this words on her facebook page in celebration of her new house, ‘God is at work” we need to give this God the glory, He is mighty and super awesome.

Boity's new crib Picture: Instagram

This shows us that you and your God combined together you make a mean team. We can all wish her the best in her beautiful house. I am super inspired ladies, super inspired.

This teaches us that hard work pays off, not magic, hard work.


Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God blessed you all.

Procasinating because exams are knocking at the door? Here is how to deal with such.

Image result for a person procrastinating HD

Let me start by saying we all want to pass our exams and not just pass with a mere pass, but we want to pass with an A. We want to be proud when looking at our academic records, not because we want to please our parents but because those marks show that our hard work have paid off. Yes we do want our parents to be proud too.So everybody wants good marks.

Procastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time. You know you agreed with that definition above when you read it right? Yes it is true, we love to sleep, we keep tasks to to or studying for later and sometimes later is way too late. Some of us do not even have a study time table. We are just a mess. We do not plan the ways with which we will use to prepare to write our exams, we just go with the flow of life. So how does oe stop or put an end to this?

Firslty we  need to know the results of procastination before we can know how to stop it Here are a few:

Image result for EFFECTS OF procrastination HD

  • You do not meet your goals. There is no way you can meet your goals by not prforming tasks or putting them away to do them later.
  • It can result in a low self-esteem. Imagine you don’t prepare well for your exams and after writting you marks come back as a fail. You forget you didn’t study and start looking down on yourself and even call yourself a failure.
  • You put your health at risk. Procastination is linked with depression and anxiety. Dpepression and anxiety in turn cause other conditions such as sleep problems, digestive problems and many more. To add on that, I dont think you want to be stressed during exams.
  • It leads to envy of those who do well. We are all able to achieve great things in life, so when you fail and somebody else succeed, we tend to get angry and envious, procastination will turn that envious behavior into your daily bread.
  • Your sense of thinking being jammed. I am sure you can agree that we have all experienced this in life. Tha moment when you are writting exams and you mind is just blocked, that’s what you get when you procastinate.

Secondly we need to know why we procastinate. We can only deal with the problem when we know the cause.

Image result for a person who has overcome procrastination HD

  • Lack of motivation. The fact that we have to write exam is a motivation on it’s own but the fact that we have to study that theory and comlpex calculations make you loose that motivation.
  • Lazyness. I have already mentioned some of we prefer to sleep, some of we we love Television and some would rather be with our friends during the time we are suppose to do school work. Some of us we are always glued to our social networks, which will not pass or run away while we are studying.
  • Lack of focus and fatigue. This point goes with the one above except this one looks at he things that distruct you from studying like that TV. When you are fatigued you don’t want to do anything and you find that the things that got you fatigued are useless things that if you check you can avoid and put that energy in important things like studying.

Now, we have seen a few of the effects and causes and there are many of those. So a problem is tere to be overcomed, followig are some of the tips you can do to beat procastination and ace that exam.

Image result for a person who has overcome procrastination HD

  • Divivde your tasks into smaller baby steps. Remember that exam study time table that you and I don’t have? I t is important that you draft and write the tasks you will be perfoming so that you can do them one step at a time. You won’t even feel you are doing loads of work.
  • Set your priorities straight. Replying on that facebook or twitter is good, chatting with those friends on WhasApp is also cool, we need to socialise but you need realise that there are urgent matters need that need to be dealt with urgently and important matters that can be sorted out with time. In this case studying is urgent and your emails can be replied as you take a break, they won’t run away from you.
  • Define your boundries. You need to know your time to play, your time to rest and your time to study or do any other urgent work. This will keep you balanced and not strssed at all. Remeber to celebrate your victory when you have completed that one study task you wrote on your time table, it will push you to do more and obviously improve your self-esteem.
  • Become more self aware. You need the task you need to perform and you know which ones are urgent and which ones are not. So you need to tell yourself this words when yo procastinate they can help, “I really need to get this done, my future depends on it”. Even your happiness depends on it.

Everybody there is more to share. I hope you find this very useful. I hope to hear by your comments and feel free to add more ideas to the comments so that others can be helped in avoiding procastination. All the best during your exam preparations.

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


Have you ever went to the mall or to class or anywhere in your life and found this person who was glowing with confidence that you could not stop looking at them and how they conducted themselves? Some of us go to an extent of staring at those people and forgeting ourselves in their confidence. You and I staring at the person, you find that we are the low self-esteemed kind of people. Some of us after looking at that person we envy them, some we get jelous, some we wish to be like them and some if we have that previledge we befriend ourselves with them. Fact of the matter is, everyone wants to be confident. Then why is it difficult to have confidence?

Self-confidence is a combination of self-esteem and self-efficacy, these two are very important to humanity. Self-efficacy is the internal sense, or belief that we can accomplish a variety of goals throughout life while Self-esteem is believing we are generally competent in what we do, and that we deserve to be happy in life. If you can check this definitions, they all sum up the fact that, it all begins inside. Your friends telling you you have a nice hair while you don’t think so will not make you like the hair. So confidence begins inside. It will be difficult for one to have confidence if they lack self-efficacy and self-esteem. In life problems are there to be overcome, so how does one overcome lack of self-confidence? I mean it is an internal thing. How do you beat this because it begins with you as an individual. Here are some tips which I have gathered up for you:

1 You can start by grooming yourself. One may say come on, really? Yes self-grooming, it is very important. Wearing your hair neatly, looking after those nails and dressing up in a way that makes you feel good (this is the part that is very crucial in one’s life because when you look good you feel good), that will go a long way. It will stop you from complaining and embracing yourself instead.

2 Think positive. There is nothing more attractive than a positive person about life, everybody cling to such a person.You choose what you magnify with your eyes and mind. You know that there are positive things that happen in your life, think about those and let them make you smile. those things will in turn turn you into a positive thinker and will also eliminate those negative thoughts one by one. I know we all want negative thughts gone right? Right.

3 Be preparared. “Are you serious?” someone may say. Yes preparation is very key. For example, you are a student and you are having a presentation in class the following week, if you prepare and get your facts straight, there is no way you will be scared to go to the front. You will actually want to show people what you got. So preparing yourself before approaching anything including an interview for a job, gives you confidence on its own. So go on and prepare.

4 Give. Yes you need to give. It can be your time, your money if you have , your hands (washing for the elderly) and many more. Giving make you learn to put other people’s needs, safety and security first. It also get rid of that selfishness you generated from complaining as low self-esteemed person. You feel like spiderman or batman or any other hero you may know. You will even start feeling good about youself, who wouldn’t want to feel good about themselves?

5 Stop comparing yourself with others. You are you, you are unique, you have talents that the world is waiting to see and only you have them. Take pride in the things you do and invest in them. Do not look down on your talents by comparing them with those of others, it will not help, you will only get crushed and depressed. You can look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of those beautiful eyes you have, or that mouth you have, anything. You will start to realise that you are pretty or handsome or beautiful.

6 You want it, do it. You want abs?, exercise.You want a flat belly? exercise. Ge it, you must do it. There is no one who will get them for you. This may sound harsh but if you do not do it, you will never have it. You want good marks? put in the hard work in studying and consulting with those who can help you understand better. Do not wait and allow yourself to think, just do it. You are able and only you can do it.

7 Know what your principles are and live by them. You can’t afford to compromise these ones, they are very important. Living by your principle gives you direction about where your life is going and this in turn eliminate confusion. You will not be pushed evrywhere by the wind and that will make you firm and graceful.

8 Set small goals and achieve them. You want to climb Mt Everest? start by climbing the nearest mountain in where you live, it will boost your confidence as a mountain climber. The other thing to do is to write those goals down and tick them when you have completed them, you can look at them afterwards and celebrate those you ticked as completed to be part of your achievements. A little does go a long way you know.

9 Socialise. You will not make friends locked up in your room and you will always feel left out when there is gathering and everybody is talking while you are scared to say a word. When your classmates or colleagues make plans to go to watch movies or go to the park, go and have fun with them. You will not just be a people’s person overnight, it does not work that way. Do not lock yourself up from the world.

10 One step at a time. Rememeber to do the above tips one step at a time so that when one of them does not work out you will remind yourself that self-confidence does not grow overnight, it needs work. Remeber also in that moment of disappointment that you are almost there and you just need to take few more steps.

Remeber, you work to have that confidence. Nobody is born with it because if it was so we would all have it. Do not beat yourself up, have fun and enjoy your life. Yours is to rejoice and be glad as the word of God say, “This is the day that the Lord has made and you shall be glad and rejoice in it”. So I say rejoice!

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


W e all have dreams in our lives and we all want to  make them come true.Dreams are free. They occupy our minds whenever we want them to and they are very nice. They are so imaginary and can take you to amazing places and i think this is one of the reasons why some of us are knowhere today in our lives- you know why? Beacuse we got stuck in our dreams. It is good to dream but dreams alone will never come true. It is the goals that you set and act on based on your dreams that come true. Goals are the part of life where the successful are separated from unsuccessful. There are many bright ideas or rather dreams in people’s heads, but only a few come to a reality because that particular person made goals to achieve the dream. Goals require hard work, commitment and sacrifice. They require focus and determination. Are you a dreamer and a goal setter or just a dreamer? Somebody, it takes evrybody to dream but it is sad that only a few people work hard to make their dreams come true. Here are a few differences between dreams and goals:

1 Dreams occupy your mind but goals take over reality.

2 Goals are somthing you are thinking about but goal;s are things you are acting on.

3 Dreams are free but goals come at a cost, high cost.

4 Goals have a finish line but dreams never end.

There are many differences. Maybe you have been wondering why you do not succeed in life. Well there it is, you have just been dreaming. Make goals and succeed and all the best in doing that.

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.