Procasinating because exams are knocking at the door? Here is how to deal with such.

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Let me start by saying we all want to pass our exams and not just pass with a mere pass, but we want to pass with an A. We want to be proud when looking at our academic records, not because we want to please our parents but because those marks show that our hard work have paid off. Yes we do want our parents to be proud too.So everybody wants good marks.

Procastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time. You know you agreed with that definition above when you read it right? Yes it is true, we love to sleep, we keep tasks to to or studying for later and sometimes later is way too late. Some of us do not even have a study time table. We are just a mess. We do not plan the ways with which we will use to prepare to write our exams, we just go with the flow of life. So how does oe stop or put an end to this?

Firslty we  need to know the results of procastination before we can know how to stop it Here are a few:

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  • You do not meet your goals. There is no way you can meet your goals by not prforming tasks or putting them away to do them later.
  • It can result in a low self-esteem. Imagine you don’t prepare well for your exams and after writting you marks come back as a fail. You forget you didn’t study and start looking down on yourself and even call yourself a failure.
  • You put your health at risk. Procastination is linked with depression and anxiety. Dpepression and anxiety in turn cause other conditions such as sleep problems, digestive problems and many more. To add on that, I dont think you want to be stressed during exams.
  • It leads to envy of those who do well. We are all able to achieve great things in life, so when you fail and somebody else succeed, we tend to get angry and envious, procastination will turn that envious behavior into your daily bread.
  • Your sense of thinking being jammed. I am sure you can agree that we have all experienced this in life. Tha moment when you are writting exams and you mind is just blocked, that’s what you get when you procastinate.

Secondly we need to know why we procastinate. We can only deal with the problem when we know the cause.

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  • Lack of motivation. The fact that we have to write exam is a motivation on it’s own but the fact that we have to study that theory and comlpex calculations make you loose that motivation.
  • Lazyness. I have already mentioned some of we prefer to sleep, some of we we love Television and some would rather be with our friends during the time we are suppose to do school work. Some of us we are always glued to our social networks, which will not pass or run away while we are studying.
  • Lack of focus and fatigue. This point goes with the one above except this one looks at he things that distruct you from studying like that TV. When you are fatigued you don’t want to do anything and you find that the things that got you fatigued are useless things that if you check you can avoid and put that energy in important things like studying.

Now, we have seen a few of the effects and causes and there are many of those. So a problem is tere to be overcomed, followig are some of the tips you can do to beat procastination and ace that exam.

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  • Divivde your tasks into smaller baby steps. Remember that exam study time table that you and I don’t have? I t is important that you draft and write the tasks you will be perfoming so that you can do them one step at a time. You won’t even feel you are doing loads of work.
  • Set your priorities straight. Replying on that facebook or twitter is good, chatting with those friends on WhasApp is also cool, we need to socialise but you need realise that there are urgent matters need that need to be dealt with urgently and important matters that can be sorted out with time. In this case studying is urgent and your emails can be replied as you take a break, they won’t run away from you.
  • Define your boundries. You need to know your time to play, your time to rest and your time to study or do any other urgent work. This will keep you balanced and not strssed at all. Remeber to celebrate your victory when you have completed that one study task you wrote on your time table, it will push you to do more and obviously improve your self-esteem.
  • Become more self aware. You need the task you need to perform and you know which ones are urgent and which ones are not. So you need to tell yourself this words when yo procastinate they can help, “I really need to get this done, my future depends on it”. Even your happiness depends on it.

Everybody there is more to share. I hope you find this very useful. I hope to hear by your comments and feel free to add more ideas to the comments so that others can be helped in avoiding procastination. All the best during your exam preparations.

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


2 thoughts on “Procasinating because exams are knocking at the door? Here is how to deal with such.

  1. juaneta

    hy dear.thanks for the wonderful quotea of motivation.i could really get used to hearing a lot of you and you’re doing a very very good job here.this is your talent don’t let it drill just like you dear


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