Celebville: Boity Thulo and Thuli Phongolo and their new cribs

Image result for thulisile phongolo has a new crib

Thuli Phongolo is thee beaut no doubt about that.This beaut is not just a beaut but a beaut with brains ladies. This makes her such an inspiration to us as young girls who also have dreams to achieve great. We know her as Namhla from Generations the Legacy and many of us complain on her Twitter handle when we don’t see her appearing on Gen the Legacy. Well ladies, Thuli just got herself a new crib, like how dope is that. This shows us that as women, young woman rather, we can be independent too. We do not to be defined by a man or have a man in our lives to have things like a beautiful crib or fancy clothes, no we can do it on our own. Hope you are inspired because i am too. Here is a just a sneak peak of a pic she sent on instagram, we can’t wait to see the whole thing.

Ladies it looks she ain’t the only who got us inspired in this world of miss independent. Yes ladies we have another gorgeous beaut in our radar who spoiled herself not with ice-cream for her 26th birthday, no she didn’t. She bought herself a house!!! Wow, I still can’t get over that excitement. A house? You got to be kidding me and it is not just a house buddy, I am talking about a huge house. I will call it a mansion. Our very own Club 808 presenter, the beautiful Boity Thulo bought herself a house ladies, in celebration of her 26th birthday. I am inspired, there is nothing more inspiring than that. As miss Thulo would say it, “own your throne”. She also said this words on her facebook page in celebration of her new house, ‘God is at work” we need to give this God the glory, He is mighty and super awesome.

Boity's new crib Picture: Instagram

This shows us that you and your God combined together you make a mean team. We can all wish her the best in her beautiful house. I am super inspired ladies, super inspired.

This teaches us that hard work pays off, not magic, hard work.


Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God blessed you all.


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