1 unpopular


Not everyone wants the spotlight. No,some just prefer their lives light without drama. Popularity just like any other thing in life has its ups and downs. Some of the extremes is that moment when you mess up and people forget that you are also a human being and throw blows at you. That’s one of the worst indeed. Some of us may love the spotlight because we know we have the thick skin to maintain it even during the lows. This leads us to the fact we are all different and we have different views about life.

I don’t like the spotlight myself. I prefer life cool with less mayhem. But the fun part, I have thing for writing and I want to share the stuff I write to the world out there. Now being the unpopular girl I am, this becomes a difficulty because you want to share your thoughts with people and hear what they have to say. I started with a Facebook page that is still in operation today but there is no much activity from the readers,you know why? Is either I am boring or I am not popular with the folks.

I started this blog in hope of sharing the insane ideas that I have to the world and get them comments of what people think but I am getting discouraged by the day because it’s like I am teacher in a classroom talking to myself. Being unpopular is good, you do not have to look fancy or top notch everyday. Even when you missed it on the dress code nobody saw it. Yet if you have a thing to interact with the world even though you don’t want drama, be ready to be disappointed. You check your instagram you wonder why you even have it LOL, you check your Twitter its just the same .That’s the sad part about being unpopular, you are not seen by anyone. You find it hard to share what you got, but it’s all good. So if you are like me out there, hold on, it will all work out. One step at a time someone one step at time.
From me to you ,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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