Life is to be lived

Have you ever just woke up, bored, depressed and not looking foward to to anything? You mind feels heavy and you feel like you could sleep all day? And you are a young person? A young person is expected to be vibrant, alive, outgoing and ready to do anyhting insane. Well these characteristics that i have mentioned show one thing, you are not living your life as a young person. Yes you stay focusing on heavy things that you can’t control. Things that are not for you to deal with sometimes. Before you know it you are lying in your room in the morning bored, depressed, sad and torn. This blog post is that short. What i want to say to you is, let go of the things that you cannot control and focus on those that you can do.Learn to live young person, there are many things you are supposed to achieve in your life, and those you won’t see if you are focusing on your problems. Have a good Saturday. Life is to be lived.

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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