Allow yourself to break

We are all born and we do not know what we are made up of. This become a disadvantage when we bump into storms because we are unable to figure out the weapons we could use to fight that particular storm. So somewhere in our lives we will need to break so that we can be involved in the process whereby we are rebuilt.


As the quote says you will never know what you are made up of until you break. And I add by saying, never stop your life from breaking because it is in that moment where you will start to realise the parts that made you. The strength, the boldness, the might, patience, the love, the kindness, the victorer, the listener, uncondtional lover etc. you can only see those things when you break.


Fairytale exists

We all want success. We all want to succeed. We all have dreams and we all want to make them come true. Who doesn’t? A dream shows the flow of milk and honey over your life and looking at the cruel reality we live in, who wouldn’t want to live in their dreams? There is no such thing as fairytale they say, wrong, there is a fairytale and this is where it begins:

Your life and my life began in a dream and we both got excited about the dream that we couldn’t wait for it to come alive. The dream was then transfered in the mind so that we could start setting goals for the dream to come true. Immediately when setting goals, we start to embark on each of them, meeting failures on the way and overcoming them. So in a nutshell this is where we find our fairytale: “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J Marine”, yes in meeting challenges and overcoming them is whwere our fairytale is found. It is what amkes life worth living. It is in overcoming these challenges that we start to see our dreasm coming true. It is a struggle, but it is what makes life meaningful. You can either chooose to be lazy and suffer the pain of watching your life waste away or you can embark on a journey of discovery in making your dreams come true. Don’t forget it is a struggle but it is worth it.


That elevation

I look at many Everyday.

I can climb a small version of it –


I wish to climb it.

Not for a prize,

not for any challenge,

but just for adventure.

It looks green and sacry at the top,

yet i still want to see my self up there.

I have undertaken many adventures,

but there is still one more to take before I sign out of the earth.

a beautiful, mysterious elevation on earth,

a mountain.

I don’t know which one,

but I have to be on top of it.

It is a mountaion,

it is adventure.

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Nothing yet. Why?

So am a 20 year old, no car, no apartment and no dream achieved. I look at famous people my age because they are the ones whom I can look at and keep track of their lives since they are visible for everyone to see. I find that they got a car, crib and dreams achieved. I ask myself why am I where I am since I have big dreams and have achieved none. This are the things I found :
Fear : I am where I am today because I am still scared to go out there and take risks. They say success come at a high cost, I guess I can say I want only the success but not paying the price.
Comfortability : it’s good in your comfort zone, there are no intruders there such as competing and sweating for dreams. But there are other intruders such depression, anxiety and the fear of becoming a nobody. You don’t achieve in your comfort zone, all you do is relax.
Goals : life achievements begin as a dream which is transfered in to the mind to set goals and the goals are achieved through actions. Many of us none achievers only get stuck in the dreams which in turn become fantasies that remain in the head. I dwell in fantasies of my dream life life i get paid to do it.
Laziness : dreaming big requires doing big hard work and dreaming small require small hard work. So having big dreams and sleeping in your bed is a disaster called lazyness, you won’t achieve anything.
Position :Where you are located matters, although they say create your own path. You can’t expect to find jobs in a poor village where everyone is looking for a job, you need to move to a place where jobs are available. That movement is called taking a risk. Yes one can argue and say, “you can create a job in that village”, we don’t have the same dreams or the same business ideas. This thing of position does not apply to everyone but some of us are affected by it unless we move.
Competition : When you are unwilling to compete for your survival, you are then living in the wrong world. We are all unique, the greatest challenge in that is selling that uniqueness in you to the people. Some of us don’t even know which part of us is unique and so we just live for the sake of living.
These are the things that I realised are the reason I am where I am today. I even lost my inspiration to write short stories, it disappeared with the lack of enthusiasm to face the future. You hear the words ” our talents is a gift from God but what we do with them is a gift back to Him ” so not utilising your talents is the saddest thing God has to witness everyday, all because of fear, lazyness, position, being comfortable with your negatives and not setting goals. I am doing a degree and truly speaking, I am still wondering why I am doing it. How painful is living without achieving your dreams, how painful.

I advice you to live your life to the fullest, check those points and find a way to make them work for you. Life is to be lived and not wasted. Go out there and do your best. When you acknowledge the causes to your problems you are able to find solutions to fixing them. I will be going on a journey to fixing this life. Have a good time being a young person, in you is a vision the world need to hear about. Get out there ans start today.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


We all have something to share in the different fields of life we find ourselves in. Sharing something with others means you want them to accept it. If it is boring, you want to know and if it is good, you want to know as well. Isn’t it that criticism help you better yourself or show you the people who don’t agree with your ideas about life, the people different to you? So I was reading some tips after Googling how to get traffic on your blog. My blog is not reaching out to many as I had thought.
This is some of the points I gathered :
1 Comment and like on other bloggers’ blog posts
2 Answer promts
3 Be a guest blogger for other blogs

I have not answered prompts ever since I started blogging. I still do not know how to go about doing it but i will get there. So i got stuck on number one as I was wondering about it’s meaning. For example, the people who like your blog or comment on your blog, did they read or they just liked and commented with something like ‘ great post’ without even reading so that they can fish you to their blog? We all want our blogs to get somewhere, we want to see activity going on. We want to be at the top, having zillion followers to show that what you blog about interest people. I want my blog to be big or huge or enormous. All bloggers want that. To get there it really is tough work, it reminds me that competition is everywhere. But one thing I know is, you have to be a reader yourself in order to be a better writer and so I believe the people who are active on my unpopular blog whom I thank very much do read, for I read their blogs as well in order to comment,like and also grow. I am a beginner in this blogging business.
From me to you,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.

I have to go

I don’t belong there anymore,
I believe.
Somewhere else,
I see myself.
I am there,
At the place I don’t know yet.
I desperately wait to get there.
That place,
I am there already.
There are my unachieved dreams waiting for me.
I depended on them,
They can’t count me in their plates anymore.
No that would be abuse to them.
Have to put that starch and protein in my own plate.
They have done their role.
Now is time to for me to join in the relay and run my own race.
Can’t watch it from a distance no longer.
I have to embark on my own life
Played their role.
I am not home anymore,
I am there.
At that place.
I am ready,
I am ready to go.
It’s time,
Time for independence.

Beginer blogger

I love to write, you love write, we love to write. We are a writing community. For a writer to exist, there must be a reader. A writer does not write for himself or herself, a writer writes for the readers. It motivates you to go on and keep telling people what is in your mind. You even get to see that there are people like you as they comment good things on your writing. It could be a book, it could be a facebok page, it could be a screen play or a blog. All these things you writer as a writer to the people. You share what you believe they need to hear. I started this blog clueless, what i know is i have a lot of things to share and in my mind they are there but when i write it is like they disappear. My blog is going everywhere and even I can’t track down the direction. I am going insane wondering how other bloggers manage to write this beautiful words that make sense and I am writting a vague thing of the beauty that is in my mind. We all have a story to tell and we tell it beacause we believe people will want to hear it. As I keep blogging or whatever it is that i am doing, I want to reach out to a group of people with things i haven’t told them yet as they disappear when I try to write them. And all this confusion and being all over the place make me lose heart in attending my blog. It is aslo sad blogging for yourself. No engagement be it critisism or good comments. Blogging at the moment is good as i see it on other bloggers. As for me I am blogging but truly speaking, I am still finding my way as a blogger. I will get there and I encourage you, you and you that you will get there too. I am just a beginner in this blogging business.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blesing, stay blessed.

Don’t Give Up

what a beautiful blog from Krissy G , dont give up!!!

U.G.L.Y Forever

Over this weekend I almost got to the point of throwing in the towel. Everyday I push and strive to keep a smile on my face but the reality is everything around me is just not the best. Sure I have a job but I am still struggling to pay bills. Sure I have a car but it is hard to keep up with the car note. Sure I am able to make sure my daughter has food to eat but it’s not always the best choice. Throughout my life I have had SEVERAL jobs but I have always struggled to keep a budget because it seemed like I never brought home enough no matter how much I was getting paid. I’ve invested in different business ventures that I thought would truly help. Prior to these investments I would share with other people like close family and friends to get…

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It will work out?


Head is spinning, that persistent cause provoking. You are not thinking straight, negative is roaming around you and pain piercing through your heart. You don’t know  what or which feeling to attend to first. Do you attend anger, do you attend pain, do you attend grief, do you attend worry, all this feelings a stew in a pot which is your mind in this regard. All these feelings boiling and causing you all sorts of anxiety, depression and someone say it will work out.
The migraine is still flashing across your skull, pain continuing to increase and you surrender to your tears to cry just for a disappointing drop to go down your cheek. The anger is now a filled to the brim fury. You are looking for a way out and there seem to be no way. Somebody says it’s going to work out.

You find it hard to calm down as you breathe like you were running a race. What to do with such a person? Beat them up? No it is going to work out. You calm down as you remember that problems are just for a moment or a season, they are not meant to stay. Never let them break you, no matter how painful they may be, fact of the matter is, there is no problem which can exist without a solution for it. It will work out, just hold on God is able. What happens to you when you receive infuriating, depressing and horrible news?
Stay loving,stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.

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