Nobody wants an unattractive woman

I am not talking about the world’s version of unattractive such as having pimples, having fats in the wrong place; I am talking about a woman who is just insecure on her own. Even I have pimples and those fats I got to get rid of.


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If she is in a relationship, bear in mind that I am not basing this one looking at this phrase “as a man you must not make your woman jealous of the women you surround yourself with but make other women jealous of your woman when you are with her” , obviously the man is responsible for the insecurity in this one. I am talking about a woman who created her own insecurity, where she got it you wouldn’t know. She will question your every move, always on your case about your movements and many other things such as nagging. And to show that nagging is that annoying even the bible says it is better for a man to sleep on the roof than with a nagging woman.(Proverbs 21:9 Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife OKJV).

When she is single she talks about her dream body but you will not see her exercising, you hear her narrating about her dream fashion sense but in reality she has abandoned herself. She looks more into her flaws than the beautiful things she has and therefore create a low self-esteem for herself. She is even unattractive to herself that she always complains within her about getting rid of the insecurity.

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I must admit, we are living in the world of plastic surgeries, make-up, healthy diets and spending your whole life in a gym. I also want a bikini body; I even want to be model. What I am trying to bring forth here is, things begin as a dream, then transferred into the mind to set goals and then the actions part where most of us don’t reach. Same goes for your esteem, you start by dreaming about the confident you and as it is transferred into the mind, you then ask yourself what you could do to boost your confidence and you set goals such as, brushing my teeth and washing my face twice a day, one may say what?? Those two are all about hygiene and good hygiene means good health, good health means you will feel good and therefore do good. Not to forget that a little goes a long way, it may just be brushing to going for a jog, to learning how to apply makeup and many other things.

So an insecure woman is unattractive, remember if she is not loving her life and finds it unstable, what makes the other person think they can make her feel secure and be that stability she needs. This is what I have learned, for as long as I tell myself that I am not pretty, many of you can come and praise me but I will still feel that something is lacking but if I tell myself that I am pretty, many of you can give me bad remarks but I will remain confident. So I can then summarize this blog post with this words, it all begins with you for the choice is in your hands.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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