It will work out?


Head is spinning, that persistent cause provoking. You are not thinking straight, negative is roaming around you and pain piercing through your heart. You don’t know  what or which feeling to attend to first. Do you attend anger, do you attend pain, do you attend grief, do you attend worry, all this feelings a stew in a pot which is your mind in this regard. All these feelings boiling and causing you all sorts of anxiety, depression and someone say it will work out.
The migraine is still flashing across your skull, pain continuing to increase and you surrender to your tears to cry just for a disappointing drop to go down your cheek. The anger is now a filled to the brim fury. You are looking for a way out and there seem to be no way. Somebody says it’s going to work out.

You find it hard to calm down as you breathe like you were running a race. What to do with such a person? Beat them up? No it is going to work out. You calm down as you remember that problems are just for a moment or a season, they are not meant to stay. Never let them break you, no matter how painful they may be, fact of the matter is, there is no problem which can exist without a solution for it. It will work out, just hold on God is able. What happens to you when you receive infuriating, depressing and horrible news?
Stay loving,stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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