Beginer blogger

I love to write, you love write, we love to write. We are a writing community. For a writer to exist, there must be a reader. A writer does not write for himself or herself, a writer writes for the readers. It motivates you to go on and keep telling people what is in your mind. You even get to see that there are people like you as they comment good things on your writing. It could be a book, it could be a facebok page, it could be a screen play or a blog. All these things you writer as a writer to the people. You share what you believe they need to hear. I started this blog clueless, what i know is i have a lot of things to share and in my mind they are there but when i write it is like they disappear. My blog is going everywhere and even I can’t track down the direction. I am going insane wondering how other bloggers manage to write this beautiful words that make sense and I am writting a vague thing of the beauty that is in my mind. We all have a story to tell and we tell it beacause we believe people will want to hear it. As I keep blogging or whatever it is that i am doing, I want to reach out to a group of people with things i haven’t told them yet as they disappear when I try to write them. And all this confusion and being all over the place make me lose heart in attending my blog. It is aslo sad blogging for yourself. No engagement be it critisism or good comments. Blogging at the moment is good as i see it on other bloggers. As for me I am blogging but truly speaking, I am still finding my way as a blogger. I will get there and I encourage you, you and you that you will get there too. I am just a beginner in this blogging business.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blesing, stay blessed.


4 thoughts on “Beginer blogger

  1. I think that when many of us in this community start clueless as to what we want our blog to be about. I speak for myself when I say I don’t have a determined “theme” or “genre” to this day and probably won’t. I write whatever thought that comes to me and speaks to me. Sometimes I write about past experiences mixed with fiction, others I put myself in the shoes of others to be able to feel what I am writing, etc.

    I also think that the best sign to know you are doing something right is having readers engage with what you write, and me doing the same for them and other bloggers.

    You will definitely get there!
    Good luck! 💜


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