I have to go

I don’t belong there anymore,
I believe.
Somewhere else,
I see myself.
I am there,
At the place I don’t know yet.
I desperately wait to get there.
That place,
I am there already.
There are my unachieved dreams waiting for me.
I depended on them,
They can’t count me in their plates anymore.
No that would be abuse to them.
Have to put that starch and protein in my own plate.
They have done their role.
Now is time to for me to join in the relay and run my own race.
Can’t watch it from a distance no longer.
I have to embark on my own life
Played their role.
I am not home anymore,
I am there.
At that place.
I am ready,
I am ready to go.
It’s time,
Time for independence.


3 thoughts on “I have to go

    1. dimphokay

      Well I am still with my parents although my mind is in my dreams. But i really need to love, I am abusing them now hahaha, i ahve to start my own race. they have done their role. Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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