We all have something to share in the different fields of life we find ourselves in. Sharing something with others means you want them to accept it. If it is boring, you want to know and if it is good, you want to know as well. Isn’t it that criticism help you better yourself or show you the people who don’t agree with your ideas about life, the people different to you? So I was reading some tips after Googling how to get traffic on your blog. My blog is not reaching out to many as I had thought.
This is some of the points I gathered :
1 Comment and like on other bloggers’ blog posts
2 Answer promts
3 Be a guest blogger for other blogs

I have not answered prompts ever since I started blogging. I still do not know how to go about doing it but i will get there. So i got stuck on number one as I was wondering about it’s meaning. For example, the people who like your blog or comment on your blog, did they read or they just liked and commented with something like ‘ great post’ without even reading so that they can fish you to their blog? We all want our blogs to get somewhere, we want to see activity going on. We want to be at the top, having zillion followers to show that what you blog about interest people. I want my blog to be big or huge or enormous. All bloggers want that. To get there it really is tough work, it reminds me that competition is everywhere. But one thing I know is, you have to be a reader yourself in order to be a better writer and so I believe the people who are active on my unpopular blog whom I thank very much do read, for I read their blogs as well in order to comment,like and also grow. I am a beginner in this blogging business.
From me to you,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


3 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. Those 3 tips to grow blog are great, but in my opinion the best one is to network. Although done with the goal to grow, I really enjoy reading posts, commenting, amd having a conversation with bloggers that I feel I can relate to the message of their posts.

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