Fairytale exists

We all want success. We all want to succeed. We all have dreams and we all want to make them come true. Who doesn’t? A dream shows the flow of milk and honey over your life and looking at the cruel reality we live in, who wouldn’t want to live in their dreams? There is no such thing as fairytale they say, wrong, there is a fairytale and this is where it begins:

Your life and my life began in a dream and we both got excited about the dream that we couldn’t wait for it to come alive. The dream was then transfered in the mind so that we could start setting goals for the dream to come true. Immediately when setting goals, we start to embark on each of them, meeting failures on the way and overcoming them. So in a nutshell this is where we find our fairytale: “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful – Joshua J Marine”, yes in meeting challenges and overcoming them is whwere our fairytale is found. It is what amkes life worth living. It is in overcoming these challenges that we start to see our dreasm coming true. It is a struggle, but it is what makes life meaningful. You can either chooose to be lazy and suffer the pain of watching your life waste away or you can embark on a journey of discovery in making your dreams come true. Don’t forget it is a struggle but it is worth it.



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