Secret admirer


She always rushed to sit in front at church so she could see her coming in, only because she admired her dress code.



Empty degree

She remembered how she studied hard in high school because one day she wanted to see herself in university. She fought with the hard subjects and strangled the simple ones. She made it the following year when results were announced and off she went to a university she did not apply to, a university she was just going to look for space and a university that accepted her in a degree she did not want but just had to take because she had no choice. She loved thje degree and decided to stay in it as she studied it in her first year. Pain fell on her when she began looking for jobs in her final year. Nobody warned her that it is not easy to make it in work with her degree,unless that degree is supplemented with another one because she browsed the net, digged the newspapers and asking around, but all she could be told was that her degree has lost value and she needed to supplement it with another so as to fit the current market. Her dreams began to narrow, as she could not understand what they meant when they say a degree has lost value.


I love the braids hairstyle there. It is worth doing.


Yes,good not great hair.I’m one of those people who got lucky in the hair department,thanks Dad.My hair is quite thick but my rear hair is way shorter than than my frontal hair,I’ve been growing my hair for about four years after six years of consistently chopping if off,thank you high school.I still want to cut my hair,you know shave one side,get an undercut but I’ve never had the balls to do it.I will get that cut one day hopefully.​​

I do not enjoy relaxing my hair not because I’m going natural which is always the lie I tell people when they ask why I haven’t relaxed my hair or my plans for my bushy hair.I really applaud those who go decide to grow their natural hair,I’ve been following a lot of blogs and pages that promote it to get inspired.I don’t enjoy relaxing my hair because my scalp always gets…

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Lost. Twice?

What an embarrassing moment of my life. It is not the first time this happens; it is actually the second time. The first time this silly, stupid and crazy moment happened was when I was coming back from class. My mind was elsewhere as I was going up the stairs since my room is in third floor. Now as my mind was where ever it was, I landed on second floor thinking it was third floor. I was reading this other notice and it is closer to where my room is or rather where I thought my room was. As I was reading the notice on the notice board, this girl I don’t know and whoever that guy was, came out of what I thought was my room and I didn’t understand what was happening. I pretended to continue reading and when they had disappeared, I went to check what was happening just to find it was a room on second floor and I quickly ran to third floor. Nobody saw that so it’s no big deal hooray.
Now the second time was a show stopper. I was coming from church and as I was going up the stairs, these two ladies were behind me and one of them spoke like a guy so I wanted to see if I saw well that it was two ladies or not. So I thought I was on third floor again because I went through the stairs so slowly, it felt as if I was at third floor already. I stopped at the very same notice board and read the same notice I was reading that other day. So I was actually pretending to read it this time around. They went the direction I go to my room and surprisingly they went to a room next door to what I thought was mine and last time I checked, it was not them who were my neighbours. No it was not and so while they were busy opening the door, I decided to embarrass myself by going and trying to open door in a room that was not mine. I didn’t check whether it was the right door or not, I could feel it wasn’t. I just pretended as if I forgot something and left the door immediately. As I passed by the notice board, I realised the problem, I WAS ON THE WRONG ROOM! AGAIN!

They realised I was lost as one of them said “that girl is lost” as I was running to third floor. This is my 7th month living here and I still get lost? And twice? That was embarrassing really. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. For sure they were surprised as to who I was and where I came from since I wasn’t their neighbour. Imagine I bump into them and they realise it’s me who got lost hahaha.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.

When boredom strikes


I am unhappy
There is no sign of life in me.
This is so scary,
I cannot afford to just live.
It pains me to live in my fantasies,
Yet there I dwell in comfort.
That is one of my tendencies.
I complain a lot,
Who would not in this boredom.
I want a road to stardom,
Ideas in my mind tossing as if a boiling pot.
My palm on my cheek,
As I imagine the journey ahead.
My life would be sweet,
As I see it in my head.
I am bored now
I want activity
Life is a possibility
Although nothing is happening now

I am a young udult


Time does fly by. Today it is here, tomorrow it is there . Today you are this age, tomorrow you are moments, days, hours and seconds old. Your thinking is also different because you have grown from that second to the current one. You look and you still can’t believe that you who used to be a cute toddler to a teenager, you are now a young adult. Back in the days you did not think where to, your parents had such thoughts. You never asked yourself is there still enough maize meal. Today you are thinking such thoughts. You have a grown, you are growing. After all life is not a destination but a journey. Since a journey has changes, those changes open a room for growth, adventure and many things to learn about. I am a young adult. I have grown and I am growing.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.



“Aah!!! Somebody call an ambulence!”

She was looking at the tragedy seated on the floor. She usually freak out for silly things but she has never screamed like this before. He came running to attend to her. It was just them in the house, their bundle of joy was still a-shall-come. How then she ask that an ambulence be called if she herself seemed to be someone who was a witness of the tragedy. Again, she did it agin. Alaerming him on the silliest of things. Even when he wanted to yell in worry, he just sat down and held her. It was just a broken nail.



She same from a poor background,

therefore she had no resources to embark on anything.

she spoke about her dreams,

her friend thought she was mad and they mocked her.

Discouraged and in pain she was crushed.

Yet a moment alone in her room, her dreams flooded her,

Moments later she was leading a fleet of companies.

It took only her unstoppable, imaginative and hardworking mind and she was there.



Beautiful things

So was just going through google plus after doing this horrible tutorial and this is what i bumped into to cheer me up. how beatiful.

20-ideas-para-peinar-el-cabello-largo-y-lucir-con-mucho-estilo-14 talk about beautiful fashion sense.I would rock this if I had the ka-ching.

22.07.16 - 1 I love all of them especially the colours.

16 - 116 - 116 - 1q16 - 1w16. 7. 25. - 1 as for the shoes I am more than willing to rob a bank but nevertheless i’d rather refrain from doing that. Is it me or this stuff is dope?