During the holidays four

Nobody taught me how to cook beef so I guess I can say I don’t know how to actually cook it yet I do cook it and family members eat. After eating there is nothing funny happening to me and those who ate the beef as well. Now something embarrassing happened during my beef cooking. I kept adding water and adding more and more and more… until I forgot the pot. Yes I found that the meat was burning when I went back to check the pot. I just went insane and added soup hoping it covers my mess but that was stupid thing because the soup mixed with the almost charcoal burnt meat, not only releasing a funny smell but it tasted a bit sour. So I found that somebody (my uncle) while I was seating outside, took porridge and left to his room without me hearing him. So I thought my mom scooped out the meat before it burned because she was really hungry, boy I got a suprise of my life when I realised it was my uncle who did that. I really hoped it was my mom who ate but no she ate the burnt, sour meat. It was really embarrassing moment even though she did not comment. When I thought what a relief, another funny stunt I pulled happened. Gosh. We still use kettles and two plate stove to plug water to bath and obviously bath in those plastic basins that we buy. So I put the pot on the stove with water, it usually stays for 20-25 minutes and then my mom takes the water and bath. I forgot to turn on the stove for about 15 minutes and yes I just turned it on but we all know that the water won’t be hot when she bath. I don’t wanna say what happened.
05 July 2016 was not funny hahaha.

From me to you,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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