During the holidays three

Truly speaking, I would have rather stayed schooling although I hate school than to go on holidays. They were boring; the only time I went out was the two Sundays I went to church since the third Sunday I was heading back to varsity. I would sit and watch the winter sun rise and set all the days of the holidays. I had no money for data and so I was forced to disappear on all social media. Yep, during holidays I get no money and I was smart enough not to save, I stayed without data, the whole three weeks. Shoo, home was a horror. I won’t lie that it was great seeing my little brother and our yummy mommy but mom went to work and lil bro went to play and I was just as good as alone. I talked less or didn’t talk at all; I was just busking in the sun. Wow holidays are supposed to be fun right? Mine were so not , how were yours?

From me to you,
Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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