So during the holidays, some of the campus residences are given to high school students so that they could sleep there during winter school. My friend had nowhere to put her properties so she left everything that belonged to her in my room. My room or rather the whole residence in which i resided was not going to be used as a winter school accomodation for high school students. So I obviously went home during the holidays and came back. When I came back, she obviously had to come and fetch her things. So it happened that she went somewhere and came back way too late to can carry her things to her room and so she decided to sleep over… for the first time. It was fun chatting with her, I mean she was my classmate and friend at the same time. We cracked a good laugh and it was really cool. I gues I can say I am not a morning person because in the morning when we woke up, I suddenly wanted her gone. I thought we were just going to help her carry her things to her room but no, she was talking a lot and I felt I needed my usual quiet morning. So to add to my annoyance, we had to go to class and come to my room which was filled with a lot of things (her stuff). So thanked God we finally started carrying things and when she wanted to take a breadth I kept reminding her that her things were still a lot, more like she had to go out of my room. We finished moving anything and it was a relief to me, she had no reason to sleep over and I could have my quiet mornings hahaha. Do you think I am a bad friend?

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.

This is my respose to the daily post:


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