She is a big dreamer, no doubt about that. A day never go by without her going through her dreams in her mind. She is very friendly, take a good follow at instruction and she deliver in whatever it is that she is working on. The great thing was that, she had big dreams and she wanted to see them fulfilled. The problem was, she never the ‘followed one step at a time’ concept in order to achieve her big dreams. She simply lived her life in her dreams waiting for a perfect moment and a perfect time for her dreams to come true. She watched her friends see their lives unfold evry day while she waited foolishly for her big dreams to come to pass. She did not do anything small to kickstart them, she waited for all her dreams to explode and come true. She began to get to disappointed, her dreams became nightmares and she was not motivated to dream anymore. Yet she waited for her dream to come true in a beautiful, explosive and perfect manner. Foolish she was, a dream is achieved through actions.

This is my response to the daily post: <a href=””>Perfection</a&gt;


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