Lost. Twice?

What an embarrassing moment of my life. It is not the first time this happens; it is actually the second time. The first time this silly, stupid and crazy moment happened was when I was coming back from class. My mind was elsewhere as I was going up the stairs since my room is in third floor. Now as my mind was where ever it was, I landed on second floor thinking it was third floor. I was reading this other notice and it is closer to where my room is or rather where I thought my room was. As I was reading the notice on the notice board, this girl I don’t know and whoever that guy was, came out of what I thought was my room and I didn’t understand what was happening. I pretended to continue reading and when they had disappeared, I went to check what was happening just to find it was a room on second floor and I quickly ran to third floor. Nobody saw that so it’s no big deal hooray.
Now the second time was a show stopper. I was coming from church and as I was going up the stairs, these two ladies were behind me and one of them spoke like a guy so I wanted to see if I saw well that it was two ladies or not. So I thought I was on third floor again because I went through the stairs so slowly, it felt as if I was at third floor already. I stopped at the very same notice board and read the same notice I was reading that other day. So I was actually pretending to read it this time around. They went the direction I go to my room and surprisingly they went to a room next door to what I thought was mine and last time I checked, it was not them who were my neighbours. No it was not and so while they were busy opening the door, I decided to embarrass myself by going and trying to open door in a room that was not mine. I didn’t check whether it was the right door or not, I could feel it wasn’t. I just pretended as if I forgot something and left the door immediately. As I passed by the notice board, I realised the problem, I WAS ON THE WRONG ROOM! AGAIN!

They realised I was lost as one of them said “that girl is lost” as I was running to third floor. This is my 7th month living here and I still get lost? And twice? That was embarrassing really. I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. For sure they were surprised as to who I was and where I came from since I wasn’t their neighbour. Imagine I bump into them and they realise it’s me who got lost hahaha.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed.


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