I love the braids hairstyle there. It is worth doing.


Yes,good not great hair.I’m one of those people who got lucky in the hair department,thanks Dad.My hair is quite thick but my rear hair is way shorter than than my frontal hair,I’ve been growing my hair for about four years after six years of consistently chopping if off,thank you high school.I still want to cut my hair,you know shave one side,get an undercut but I’ve never had the balls to do it.I will get that cut one day hopefully.​​

I do not enjoy relaxing my hair not because I’m going natural which is always the lie I tell people when they ask why I haven’t relaxed my hair or my plans for my bushy hair.I really applaud those who go decide to grow their natural hair,I’ve been following a lot of blogs and pages that promote it to get inspired.I don’t enjoy relaxing my hair because my scalp always gets…

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