Empty degree

She remembered how she studied hard in high school because one day she wanted to see herself in university. She fought with the hard subjects and strangled the simple ones. She made it the following year when results were announced and off she went to a university she did not apply to, a university she was just going to look for space and a university that accepted her in a degree she did not want but just had to take because she had no choice. She loved thje degree and decided to stay in it as she studied it in her first year. Pain fell on her when she began looking for jobs in her final year. Nobody warned her that it is not easy to make it in work with her degree,unless that degree is supplemented with another one because she browsed the net, digged the newspapers and asking around, but all she could be told was that her degree has lost value and she needed to supplement it with another so as to fit the current market. Her dreams began to narrow, as she could not understand what they meant when they say a degree has lost value.


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