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Many of you are probabbly wondering why I post many blog posts at once. Well fellows, it is because I do not have a laptop yet and I am busy saving for it :).


I still have to save for a mdem after that and obvously have that money for data to post everyday.


I still us the university computer lab to add content on my blog and I hope this posting of everything and anything at once is not making you guys angry. My phone is something else when I try to update the blog via it and so I gave up on it.

indexMaybe it is because my theme is too big for my phone to can accomodate I do not know but I thank those of you who engage with me on my blog.


6 thoughts on “My blog

  1. What I sometimes do is I schedule my posts, the past month I’d been writing ahead and scheduling some posts. Some people don’t like doing so, but I think it gives me time to write ahead and build an idea that may come to me at any moment. 😊

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    1. dimphokay

      Well I will use your strategy and then my post will not all appear in the same day :). I won’t lie that sometimes I take forever to find the dashboard which is very funny but I am doing all I can to familiarize myself with the technical part.

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      1. Hope it helps and you find it to favor and benefit your blog! 😄
        I know how that feels! My first month I was the same way, I think I got more familiar with it through my phone, and find it more helpful (for me) through my phone than my laptop, but I love the layouts on pc! ☺

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