Okay today 4th of August which is my niece’s birthday, I sure as had an annoying morning.


Now this is a time in our University where we sign for loan agreement forms at the financial aid office if you are using the NSFAS loan to fund your studies. So I am obviously using it and today, the day that I expected to be helped I was annoyed instead. Now firstly it was so cold and windy today and because there is usually a queue at the financial aid office, I had to wake up at around Six o’clock in the morning to go there early. Now i got there and it was only the four of us and I was at number four. We were told to go and stand outside the office where it was crazy cold because they wanted to start at nine :(. After I woke up early???? We went anyway and since there was a little bit of sunlight we went and busked in the sun. When nine was approaching, people began showing up in large numbers and they started a queue. We thought since we were first, we will be assisted first. The person who had to assist us came and we decided to go closer to hear what he had to say and guess what, he said we should go at the back of the queue because we were not queueing and the others were. I wanted to protest that I came first and I have been waiting for an hour but I went at the back and ended up being number 38. They made us fill a list so they can help us and we filled it. After filling the list we were told to go this other venue which was one of the dining halls in the university. Well even there I was around number eight if not nine because they arranged us in categories of how they were going to help us. They started with us and when I thought yippee, the guy told us to take out student cards out of the student card holder.


I struggled with mine and he therefore passed and when he came back to collect mine which was the last, he told me to go to the back and it was a huge queue behind me and I went. I stood there in pain wondering what was next. The queue got closer and when I was around number nine and to be assisted, me and some other guys and girls were called out and told to come back on monday because there are some issues. So yeah I missed two of my classes queueing and when I was closer to be helped, I was told to come back on monday. I was pissed off but there was nothing I could do. I left to do an assignment with my group members and at least there was progress. On my niece’s birthday though.Happy birthday to her.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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