I am sorry


I am sorry. You woobled and tranced about hungry as you begged me to feed you. You went around looking for me even when I was just with you but nowhere to be found. At times you wanted to ask me why I punish you this way but you kept quiet because you do not like quarrels. Many a times you knelt down and begged for attention but I was not even looking at you to realise your efforts. You cried out for my help to quench your thirst and hunger but I was too busy feeding other things with the food that belonged to you. Even when it was heavy and difficult to wait on me, yet you waited with hope that I will change and come to you. You see I have been fortunate to realise my problem and see the damage that it caused you. I betrayed our love and cheated on you with him. You needed me, you begged, you cried for me, for you have been hungry and thirsty of my love but I was nowhere to be found. I betrayed yet you never stopped trusting in me. you believed in me more than I could believe in myself. You have been a true definition of true love… HARD WORK, I am sorry. LAZYNESS seemed comfortable and needed less work to maintain and I so I cheated. As time went by, unhappiness knocked as I began to realise that my goals were not being achieved. When I was sitting down in grief and the fear to lose you, you came to me with words of comfort from the Holy book, ‘when a person falls down, does he not get back up?’. I was busy thinking about how I was going to apologise, what to do if you did not forgive me but even though I starved you as I took your love and gave to LAZYNESS, you forgave me before I could even come to you. Even though it is so, HARD WORK, I am sorry. My friend NEGATIVITY had told me that you were out of my league and so I thought LAZYNESS would do. In all this I blame myself for not realising how solid and beautiful our love has been. Thank you for not giving up on me.

This is my response to the Daily post https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/apology/


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