I just want to thank all those who support my blog.


I remember when I started, I was sharing to myself. It hurt because even though I did not know you, I needed your input. Every moment I got to load some content and still you were not there, it felt lonely. I asked myself what to do and a quick and true answer came, ‘delete’. It hurt to hear how I answered myself but it was a right answer. After looking for help I found a way to ‘delete’ and poof, the blog was gone. I checked to confirm and found that it did not exist anymore and when I got rid of it, it did not hurt. One day in the university computer lab I was sitting there wondering what to do since I was done with my school work and the idea of starting the blog from scratch came. I followed it and made a few posts. Just when I thought oh well, let it go, You liked and commented on some of the posts. It was like discovering rocket science. It obviously was an insane and out of this world moment. Dear reader, even when you are one or are two, you are truly valued. It is better to get input be it bad or good, than no input at all. Even when it is that one like or two, you reader mean a lot to me and I want to take this moment and say “thank you”.

This is also my respond to the Daily post ( https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/connection/ ) which got me thinking of you my dear reader. Iove you, thank you so much. And you know I sometimes get irrelevent with the Daily post or post late but hey. Thank you so so much.


From me to you,

Stay loving, Stay loved. Stay blessing, Stay blesssed. God bless you all.


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