You did not see me


If I was sitting right behind you, I would understand that you did not see me. If I was an ape, I wouldn’t understand you only associate with human beings. I was none of that yet you did not see me. Back before I made you my stimulus for depression, all was normal with me. I was sitting in front of you and so I did not realise your presence. My snooping eyes decided to wrong me by directing me to the back, where you were seated at. And there you were, buried in your calculations book and it was so funny because I hated mathematics, yet you were attractive to me with that calculator. My days changed. Every day I took a moment to stare at you and even when you couldn’t recognise that effort, I didn’t matter to me, you brightened up my day. I stared at you until the whole of me got convinced you are the best for me. And in the mist of all this decisions made in my mind, you still did not recognise my existence. It was always exciting to see you beat up all the calculations to a pulp at a distance. Very private and exotic you were, even though I knew all these things, you still did not know me. I had a friend who I valued and still value so much. She did not like you, she thought you were a nerd and very unattractive to her, yet without knowing this, you chose her instead. I stood there breaking and watching you chase after her while she was not interested. I continued to take a moment to look at you, but now it was too painful. A profound thing you have been in my heart, now turned into a nightmare. She kept telling you to take a hike and hurt you in the process because you loved her so much. And I was right there, having what you have for her and you did not see me. She did not know who you were inside of me, I was just a supportive friend towards her. Never did I influence her to dislike you, I actually adviced her to go for you but you were not her type. And as for me, I was unfortunately not your type. For in front of you I sat, you saw me more than I saw you, but yet… you did not see me.

This is my response to the Daily post


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