Range rover evoque

I have always loved these three cars ever since I got to know about them.

1 Range Rover Evoque

I first saw this car on a trip to Kruger National Park and I think that was 2011 and around December. I never stopped loving and it ended up becoming my dream car. When others bragged about their different types of cars I always bragged about my range rover. I never changed my mind. I don’t know all the technicalities and I really don’t care about the costs but God knows I love this car AND i MUST OWN IT. I love it white with a black top,


it’s interior is to die for as well,


it comes in different colours to suit every personality and it is indeed a must have.

I personally say it is the best car to have. I am so gonna drive it one day day. Here are other weird things people who have reviewed it say 🙂

The Range Rover Evoque seats up to five, has standard four-wheel drive and is available in either a two- or four-door body style. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission are standard.

Makes a great cruiser :

Bigger bumps can catch out the Evoque’s suspension, but it’s generally good at isolating you and your passengers from imperfections in the road surface. On the motorway especially, it settles down to a comfortable cruise.

The seats offer good long-distance comfort, too, because they’re supportive and highly adjustable. They also manage to feel inviting and cossetting when you slide into them.

Also impressive on a long trip is the tranquility within the Evoque’s cabin. Engine noise is but a faint hum, and road noise is well muted, even with the largest wheels. In fact, the only thing that impinges on the solitude is a bit of wind rustle from the door mirrors – though even this isn’t overly intrusive (Info cred:The Telegraph)

I love it, it is the best for me and I want it. I have also read other bad comments or reviews about it like how it uses more fuel than other rival cars and how it is too expensive for a small SUV it is. I still prefer it and want to own it. What do you think of the Range Rover Evoque?


2 Audi A5

I love it white as well but I love the one with two doors, that is how i met it the first time. I also don’t know all the weird english (reviews) behind this car all I know is that I love it and it is the best car I have ever seen. It is good as formal car to work or that sporty car to have fun with. It is sexy and adorable. I would really love to own it one day. I did not bother to find out how much it costs but I will but bottom line is that I am so gonna own it.


3 BMW X6

I first saw this one around 2015 when I was home for the March-April holidays. I have never seen something like that in my life. By the time it passed me I had already see it was the BMW X6 and I went on to search it on the internet. I love the black one and it is the first one I bumped into. I must say that I really love big cars although the Audi A5 and BMW i8 stole my heart. I know I said three cars, that is because it is not long since I have seen the i8 and don’t forget the M6 also of BMW. Gosh those cars are dope.


so yeah the m6 coupe and i8 are also great I wont lie.


what is your favourite car?

From me to you

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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