Searching in the wrong place

When I eneded up in the degree I am doing, I did not apply for it but I ended up here because I was looking for space and they admitted me in this degree. I decided to stay in it because I thought it’s got to do with water and so it is a good degree. As I went on doing it, I have come to realise that I don’t really like it and therefore want to do what I love which is fashion design and film. Don’t ask me how those two will mix together but I know they can mix. So I have been on the net trying to research and everyday I am always disappointed because I can’t seem to understand the courses offered and worst of all, I can’t see bursaries. I won’t lie that that the year has ended and I keep asking myself where I am going next year. I will be 21, they call 21 the year in which you are given a key to go and open your own house of challenges, achievements and many other adventures. As for me, I am still lost right at the end of the year of my degree. I hate staying at home and doing nothing because I was depressed and bored during the school holidays, imagine I stay for the whole year. I am busy trying to look but I get lost or confused by the courses offered. I have also planned to take any job I find and raise funds to study fashion design but where, what course do they offer and does it make sense? I have loved the Lisof Higher certificate fashion design course though, the only problemn is the money to study and they require non refundable deposit for me to book a space. Maybe I am just whinning because I do not want to look deeper. If I could learn film making and the craft of script writting and put that fashion design as the cherry on top, i will be fine. I am even getting tired of searching on the internet. But next year is in 5 months and that is nothing. I imagine myself a well known fashion designer, script writer and song writer. I already write songs but all of them are unfinished which is very strange. I will get there though, I just need to keep searching.

fashion design





God bless me with a solution right here. What are your aspirations?

Stay loving, Stay loved. Stay blessing, Stay blessed. God bless you all.


8 thoughts on “Searching in the wrong place

  1. Being able to relate to your situation, I suggest you go with your heart and not what’s expected of you from others or what’s available in the mean time. With the goals you have, you will have to put in a tremendous amount of work and make connections to be successful. But Good luck with everything ❤️.

    Check out my latest fashion post; feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

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    1. dimphokay

      I will so check it the post, thank you for reading and thank you for yoyr advice. My heart definately wants fashion desing and I just need the money to study it right now

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    1. dimphokay

      You and I are the same, when I get a chance and clarity about courses and obviously money, I will so do it. I also love shoe making too. I wish you all the best


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