Changes on my blog.

I have made a few changes on my blog and I hope you realise them and continue to enjoy them.



I am sorry my images are not that visible. I have added category page tiled posts which is number three, healthy & beauty which is number four, fashion which is number five, foood which is number six, reviews which is number seven and archives which is number eight. The posts category page will contain the posts that are not in the health & beauty, fashion, food and reviews category page. I am still struggling to put the Archives widget in the archives categoty page so that they appear in months.



If you want to read your stuff according to months then you find them in the archives.


All the posts in the POSTS category pages are all posts that are not in the Fashion, Health & beauty, food and reviews archives. Although all my posts are in the archives category page if you want to read all of them mixed. I hope you love my new changes 🙂 Happy reading everyone and remember to share your thoughts, opinions in the comments. I love you all




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