Colours to expect this spring

I have said in my post in the  that Pantone has one the colour of the year 2016. I have been doing my research to find out what will be trending this spring and I found that a few more shades of Pantone will be rocked this spring. These are some of the colours I found and I think they are nice. I have seen some students bringing floral in this early days of spring meaning that some may also rock floral colours. It wouldn’t be a suprise, it is spring after all. Colour is neede and it must be lighter and brighter according to me.

1. Buttercup

Traits: Happy, sunny

2. Lilac Grey

Traits: Neutral yet edgy

3. Fiesta

Traits: Excitement, free-spirited

4. Iced Coffee

Traits: Earthy, soft, subtle, stable

5. Green Flash

Traits: Unique, openness, unexpectedness

6. Limpet Shell

Traits: Clear, clean, defined, fresh, crisp, modern

7. Serenity

Traits: Calming, trusting, dependable

8. Rose Quartz

Traits: Gentle, compassionate, composed, reflective, lighthearted

I love the buttercup, Green flash, Fiesta and Rose quartz because they are light and bright, just how spring is suppose to be.

As for shoes I love the colourful pointy heels.

this is it for me on my second fashion post. Have a good one.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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