Water is the heart of life

Hallo everyone this is my first health & beauty post. So I thought I should start with the most important component of our lives and that is obviously water.


1 Body cells

We all know that about 60% of our body is made up of water (unless you and I alter that). We also know that cells are the most important components of our body. So drinking water is very important for our body to function properly.

2 Helps with kidney function

We are also familiar with the fact that our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood daily, sifting out waste and transporting urine to the bladder. Yet, kidneys need enough fluids to clear away what we donโ€™t need in the body. So drinking a lot of water do exactly as that (help the kidney clear away waste.

3 It helps with weight loss

Water removes the by-products of fat and reduces eating intake by filling up your tummy if it consumed before eating meals. It reduces hunger as it is a natural appetite suppressant, raises your metabolism and has zero calories!

4 It helps prevent constipation

It helps in digestion as water is an essential component to help digest your food and therefore prevents constipation.

5 Water is a headache relief

Water helps relieve and prevent headaches (migraines & back pains too) which are commonly caused by dehydration.

6 Prevents cramps and sprains

Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely to occur.

7 it improve skin complexion

Water moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. It gets rid of wrinkles and this makes the best anti-ageing treatment in the whole world.

Water is important for the healthy you, so drink a lot of water and enjoy this benefits I have mentioned and more. Wtaer is the best, let us not forget to not misuse it.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.

Happy water drinking!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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