Monday motivation

I cry do not worry. I sleep on a wet pillow do not worry. I am in pain, do not come and cry with me. For the me you see with tears going down my cheeks, it is not a me who needs sympathy. But the me you see with tears going down my checks, is a me who got burned. So I do not cry for pain that need sympathy I cry for pain of playing with fire and getting burned. The pain is one that need you to come and say, yes you got burned now you need to stand up and keep moving foward. Only the dead fall and don’t get back up. Though the burns may be painful wounds that will turn into scars, you wipe your tears off and continue on your journey. Tears never sorted out the problem, they only delayed dealing with it. In life you either face the bull by the horns or it trample on you. It is painful to pull yourself together but tears are wiped off and life goes on. Yes support is needed, after all, as iron sharpen another, so is human to another. We work together to overcome yet we need not get comfortable in crying that lead us nowhere. We get burned from our irresponsibility, all we need to do is take responsibility and fix things, not crying.


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