Sour Sunday

They were sitting on a bench and their usual behaviour: noisy, everybody talks at once, arguing and laughing. They always sat on this bench to do their group assignments. And in the midst of all this madness this group had, they always finished their assignments and on time. They argued their way from coming up with a topic for their assignment, in case they were given a theme to arguing even about printing. They always met during the week and on weekends nobody was available even if the assignment was unfinished and had to be submitted on Monday. They always figured out a way to finish it on time. Now there was just this one assignment that was refusing to end, they argued about everything and anything. It was just not ending and the submission date was nearing. They decided for once to meet on a Sunday. The majority of the group were Christians and therefore spent their Sundays at church. There was obviously quarrels but they decided to sacrifice their church time to finish the assignment. Some group members did not pitch, they had to be at church, Sunday was not working for them. They sat on that bench and discussed what was missing and what needed to be done. The bench was nearby classes in which other churches used them for their services. Churches are different, some play instruments and some don’t. Almost every single group went to the one where no instruments are played. She was there in the group and she went in that church that plays instruments. The other group members thought those instruments were just a distraction and a lot of noise. The pastor was preaching and of course on the mike and whenever he preached they stopped and looked at the wall of the class as if they see him. They stopped doing the assignment and started mocking the church, the pastor and the church members. It was not her actual church but it was the same church as hers. ” Stop”, she said. “Being the youngest in the group I think I more mature than this”. The others looked at her and it was an awkward moment. “All of you are Christians here, just because the kind of church I go to play instruments does not mean it is not Christian church. For people who go to church I expected better behaviour from you concerning the things of God. You are all older than me and I think you guys need to grow up. Now let’s finish this assignment.” Well everyone finished laughing and continued with the assignment. She was not happy and yes, she did not defend that church, she did so in her mind. Now the whole thing brought questions to her being quiet. Was she ashamed of the kind of church she went or was she ashamed of Christianity as a whole? They were all Christians, but she was the only one who was serious about Christianity and not just church going.

See you in the next story.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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