Killed by black cats

It is night. On the bed. Sleeping. In a dream: He says goodbye to her better half as he jumps to the floor from the tree next to her window. She always waved him goodbye even when he disappeared into the dark and she closed the window while still looking outside with a smile. That was her dream for the night. She turn to the other side of the bed. A nightmare invades her peaceful sleep:

she was from the shops and walking to her room with a plastic bag filled with meat. She was suddenly walking to class with two of her friends and instead of her school bag, she was holding the same plastic bag of meat. There were a lot of cats in the university, they walked everywhere, climbed everything, they were just all over the place. It got dark while they were still walking to class. They decided to walk slow, it was dark anyway.

She saw two  black cats standing at a distance looking at them. She could tell they wanted the plastic with meat. She pretended to throw the plastic at them and when they jumped to catch nothing came. They got really furious and bared their fangs while getting closer to them. Her friends saw nothing. She gave one friend the plastic bag of meat and told her to keep walking. The cats recognised her still and wanted their meat. Her two friends saw the cats behind them and were really scared. They walked a little faster and then began to run but the cats were just behind them.

They suddenly knocked on a door in one of the rooms in the residences of the university and one student immediately opened the door for them. They flogged in and one cat got in with them. There were seven more girls in the room and out of fear they all beat the cat. The other cats could hear it’s painful cry for back up but there was no opening for them to get in. They threw it out the window.

New day. She was going to class, wearing the same clothes of yesternight. She took steps. She began to get this creepy feeling in her gut that she made a wrong decision leaving her room. She took one more step and stopped just near a tree. It was sunny and therefore hot. There was nobody else going to class just her and her alone. She turned around, just to find what looked a whole community of black cats coming from all spheres of the world. She saw nothing but death and in the twinkle of an eye, she was lying on the floor scratched all over. Furious cats walking away with blood all over them. She was dead. She became their meat.

After tossing and turning, she sprang up from her nightmare.



I believe everyone sees on the news that south african students are fighting for fees to fall. So tomorrow we are being told there will be shutdown and no computer lab for me. I hope this issue will really be solved and soon. We are paying unreasonable prices.

Reckless pedestrian

From the 16 of September until the 25 of September we were gone on a recess. So I went home for this week that we were given. Today (25 september 2016) as I was travelling back to university, I decided to be a bad pedestrian. We got off a taxi with this other friend of mine so that we can go and be on another one leading to another destination and when we got off, all was fine until I decided to forget the robots were opened and just crossed.

I crossed before they could open and by the time they opened I was already on the other side or rather almost on the other side. This sprinter that came flying almost hit me but it happened that I crossed faster. Nothing happened except for the fact that me and that driver knew there could have been an accident that I would have been responsible for.

We got on another taxi and as we were leaving, another person decided to do the same thing and I did and we almost had crash as the driver was avoiding hitting that person. Guess what it was a sprinter as well and this time I was part of the passengers. The people inside were furious and so was the driver. One passenger simply said the driver should have hit that dog and passed, he didn’t deserve to be spared. I guess I got an idea of how people felt in that other sprinter that almost passed with me felt. I was a dog who should have been hit and the driver pass.

So in conclusion, there were two situations which almost led to my death but all of them did not coem to pass. Although in the firsst one I was the culprit, I thank God I am alive.

Sent her eating chocolate


Image: Google

He once told her he likes her. She thought about him in her mind for a while. She assessed him and thought he did not qualify. Years down the line, he continues to call her and address her as his future wife. She is really young, never had a boyfriend in her life and he was just overwhelming to her.
She was scared to tell him to take a hike, he once cried when she did. She thought he will get tired of running after her and move on but he wasn’t. One night in her darkest hours, he called unleashing his pains. He already treated her like his future wife. She listened to what she thought was nonsense and after he hung up, she wondered how she landed herself with him. They were not together, they talk on the phone, they meet indirectly in youth gatherings of their churches. That’s where she met him. He is depression, she thought and she wanted to calm down. She immediately ran to her fridge and saw a chocolate she forgot she even bought. She ambushed it leaving the pieces of teared paper on the floor.

The relationship that never came to be

The chat, no phone call


image: Google

They met on a queue and being the talkative person that she is, he found her very entertaining. He has never met such a girl with captivating smile and entertaining chat. He fell for her immediately. He thought she was really nice and he wanted to get to know her more. They were done fixing what they both came to fix. He was behind her on the queue and he was scared that when she is done she would leave and he will never see her again. Lucky for him she was waiting for her friend who was behind him. He got out just to find her waiting. Filled with smile, he asked her if she was waiting for him. She smiled and when she was about to answer him, her friend came. “Oh there you are. I was just waiting for my friend. ” He was not disappointed, he was just happy she did not leave, he still did not know her name and she did not know his. “Where are you girls going from here ?” They were going to the cafeteria and he decided to walk there with them. He was just filled with excitement that he, himself did not know where it came from. They continued their conversation and her friend did not know what they were talking about. “I really love an acer laptop too. ” She was planning to buy a laptop and since he was a computer science student, he was giving her advice on which one was good. Her friend could only hear 4GB, Intel processor and she decided not to interfere in their conversation. They made it to the cafeteria and ordered some burgers and decided to eat there as well. They disappeared on him while he was waiting for his food but he was so relieved when he found them again. He immediately told her his name and asked for her phone numbers but she preferred to take his. Now she knew his name and he knew her name. They ate while talking about music, this time her friend was talking too. He bid them good bye and deep down in his heart he knew he still wanted to go with them wherever they were going. He was excited she was going to call him and that they will talk more. Weeks down the line, he still had not received any call from her. She thought he was too forward, her friend thought he liked her and all he knew was that he loved her. With disappointment filling him everyday as he waited for her call, he finally accepted that she was never going to call him.

I decided to listen

So  decided to listen to one of the fellow bloggers UB about posing for a few pictures. I am so proud of myself right now although I struggle with the posing and all. I literally wore a heel, How is that for an achievement!!!!!

This one here is my favourite pic I so love it.


I wonder what would have happened if that tree was not there to help me balance.


I was all serious


I was now tired over here, I had to sit down.


Have an awesome friday everyone, mine has this horrible assigment on my shoulders hahaha.


Nandi Madida


Our woman crush wednesday on is none other than the beautiful Nandi Madida. Still getting used to Madida since we all knew her as Nandi Mngoma.

I love her beautiful smile guys I could steal it if I could. She really is a queen and a very inspirational woman. I really do look up to this woman she is the best. She is the best definition of inspiration and I love how she carries herself as young woman.


I have alredy mentioned her smile is the best.


She has just released her fashion label colour and it is the best as well. I really love this woman and congradulations are in order for her marriage and baby on the way.

Until the next crush. Who do you crush on and why? comment with your crush.

It is shoes day!!!!

It is TuesdayShoesdayChooseday and I choose the Sissy boy shoe.



Which shoe drive you insane, be it a flat shoe or a high heel shoe. I am so inliove with Sissy boy high heels especially black and nude, they are gorgeous and classy. They are beautiful for church,work, interviews, pageants, dates and many other places you want to go to that needs a heel. See you in the comment box, so what’s your favourite shoe?



Ps Benjamin Dube


This man is 54 years old but he still looks very young. I love his music guys and his dress code is on fleek. He is worship machine, those of you who listen to his music can agree. The media industry is known to be crazy but we are happy as young people to have people like him to set a good example for us. we crushing on Ps Benjamin Dude. Loving his music, it is worth listening to.

Until the next man crush monday,