Blood freezingfreezing skeletons

She spent all the days of her life crying. She was very small but she saw all that pain. Her mother was wreck, she never knew the cause but all she saw was her crying mother. She was a sad child, always going home to a crying mother. She was the only daughter and she always sat outside her home to look at the happy children in her neighbourhood. She fell in love with reading, that is what kept her going through her school years and 20 years down the line, she was a successful businesswoman. She started her marketing business when she was sixteen, by the time she was 20 it was successful multimedia company. She provided the best of luxuries for her mother; her community knew her for taking care of their children’s tertiary education. She had a good heart, they always said among themselves

She renovated the schools there and equipped them with the best of technology for the learners. She was nationally known for fighting against abuse, she also helped eradicate poverty where she could. She was still young but the things she did for people where huge. “I have known Masego for a very long time now. She has always been a reader and excelled in her school work” , said Mr Mahlangu her high school teacher. Many were in shock while some were angry. It can’t be her, that was impossible. She has a good heart, she served different communities by providing for them what they lacked.

Moremela village was one of those villages which promoted marriage and therefore a stable family. They taught love to theirr children and being a single mother in that community was really hard if your husband did not leave you through death. It was a time where when a man cheated, such was hidden from the children and other couples would help that particular family (husband and wife) rekindle their love.

A man named Lunga moved to that community and he was a creepy, scary man. He stayed alone in a small shack. A few years after moving to that community, young girls in their early twenties to mid thirties were being found drugged and molested. The police tried so hard to find the culprit but they didn’t find any tracks. He was always in prison as a suspect but after no evidence was found he would be released. Parents were crying everyday and girls in those age groups were always scared. This business of drugging and molesting the girls continued and it got to a point where the hawks were involved. The culprit did this inhumane crime in other provinces beside Mpumalanga and that got Lunga off the hook as a suspect. Heads worked together but found nothing.

“She has been a friend of mine for two years now. She has a loving heart, always putting people first” said Sindi, sobbing. It was really hard to absorb maybe it was not Masego the community members thought. Their heroine, their fighter, no, it can’t be her. Her mother was devastated, she was taken in and out of the hospital, she just could not accept this. The crime started again and the hawks and the police began searching for the culprit again. Victims were now also getting killed and this roused more fear in young ladies.

One night at Moremela board a couple was sitting inside a car and chilling. It was Mr Morei and his girlfriend. His wife and kids were home. Their romance became sour when a man hit Mr Morei with a gun and a woman quickly administered a drug on his girlfriend before she could scream. The man raped the girlfriend while the woman beat Mr Morei who had fainted. They left them lying there. It was the first time the potential victim (young woman) was found with a man.

“You are sentenced for life in prison”. Everybody cheered but the parents who their daughters were dead felt they should be killed. Masego’s mother cried all night because her father left for a young girl of twenty five, leaving them poor and alone. So Masego went and searched for all young women who were home wreckers and had them raped by Lunga

See you in the next story.

From me to you,

Stay loving, stay loved. Stay blessing, stay blessed. God bless you all.


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