Absent in her darkest


photo cred: courtesy of Google

He was tall, a bit light in complexion, just the way she liked him. He was very firm and strong; with a mysterious but captivating smile. He looked at her in the eyes whenever he talked to her and that made her very shy. A loner she was but he kept her company. He made her smile and laugh and she felt radiant and glowing with him around. Whenever reality threw her with lemons, she always found comfort in him. He always found a way to make her smile. Seasons happen in life and sometimes they can be so bad as if you have been hit by a train. She was experiencing the most horrible time of her life and every corner she looked at to hide and cry was like a scavenger jeering at her. She was in the open, all alone. She was dipped and pulled out of the mud by her problems and he was not there. She was torn and in pain but the man in her imagination was not there. She couldn’t imagine him and so he couldn’t hold her.


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