Let me whine a bit

Next year is knocking at the door and I will be twenty one. I want to do my own thing, instead of depending on my mom. I am graduating, I still don’t even know where I am going. When I look for work in my field, they want engineers. It is so sad but I am still looking for jobs, even though disappointments are more. Like how did they get there? I will like to know. I see those I want to be like, and I wonder how they got there. I refuse to eat my mom’s food next year, I got to buy her food instead.

I have always been my own person although I had to depend on my mom. I just want a job, is that hard to ask. I am hands on person, the thought of going to stay at home and doing nohing is depressing. I come from a village for crying out loud and it is a dead village. My dream is to turn it around but I have to start somewhere unlike sitting home without a job. I have been passing my tests so far, that is something to celebrate and be happy about but I always think ahead, that is why I am already worrying about a year that is not even here yet.

I just want to know where I am going, what I am going to do and when I am starting. I don’t like a mess of things, where one just figure things out as they go, no! We must plan ahead so that when the time is there, you are already done; just walking in the footsteps. I tend to stress a lot and it is getting me nowhere. But I will keep looking until I find a job. For a twenty year old my friends say I think like a forty year old, well I don’t care, next year awaits and I would be so excited to get out of my parent’s house. Buy her food and help her pay for the expenses in the house.


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