Brown eyes

We have been together for 14 years and 8 months now. I remember the first days when our relationship started it was characterised by images, colour and lots of playing. It was fun back then and definitely not complicated. There was just joy and fun all over. When we took our relationship to the next level, the early days were still fun and less complicated. The pictures were still there but now there were also words and numbers. Some of the words were easy to grasp and some not so easy yet I still looked foward to being with you. We went yet again to another level, boy how you began becoming complicated and most of the time difficult to understand. I got angry, I exploded but you don’t have a replacement or even an alternative, it is either you or nobody. I dragged our relationship to work and it did because again we moved to another level. The level which for some it decides a future life of bliss and for some pain and shock where they feel they have wasted time in this long, non-ending relationship. Yeah in this more complicated level, I have only developed more hate for you and a great wish to be separated from you. You speak a language I don’t understand sometimes and I really do try to get you but I don’t. Yet as I have remained in this relationship and unfortunately will still have to remain for the rest of my life with you, why can’t I sing “Brown eyes” to you. For years and ticking, I can’t sing it. Dear education, we have been together for long and together we will continue on this journey. I will not walk away, all I want is to sing ‘Brown eyes’ to you. Is that too much to ask?


photo cred: courtesy of Google


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