Tough for the lazy


photo cred: Courtesy of Google

Life is not tough for the poor, it is tough for the lazy. They are the first to dream big but they are not found in the queue to achieve those dreams. In fantasies they dwell and suffer the pain of waking up in reality just to realise they were day dreaming. They have the energy to talk and brag about their luxurious dreams but not even a single one of them convert some of that energy to set goals and make those dreams come true. They are normally cowards, they don’t want to fight for their lives to be a success. They are the most depressed for they know they are capable of doing but they just flush that capability in long days of sleep and daydreams. The problem with them is that they have a supply of food and clothes be it from parents, friends and spouse and so they are never shaken to do better for themselves. They complain a lot, they saw that beautiful life in their dreams and so they lash out at anything less than that life in reality. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if the supply of their food, shelter and clothes came to an end. Will they realise this and look for work? Or they would turn into hobos and street kids. A poor man may lack resources, but they will push to get far and live a better life for themselves. A lazy man can have all resources and still make nothing useful out of them, nothing useful. They will actually become comfortable in knowing they are eating even when they are not satisfied. A lazy man suffers and the only cure for that person is himself/herself. Nobody can get involved. A lazy man suffers more than a poor man.


photo cred: Courtesy of Google


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