Where do you stand?

I can imagine hell.
So dark, so cruel and so empty.
God will be gone.
His presence nowhere to be found.
When you cry in the fire, you remember His voice that used to call you everyday and you will wish to answer.
The devil will not be there for you.
He never was.
You will wish to use the authority you were given to trample upon snake and scorpions,
To reverse time and receive salvation.
Those who cheered when you dishonoured your mother and father, they will not be there.
Some may be in Heaven,
Yet they cheered for your stupidity.
Choose now your Ruler.
One who will make you happy.
Do not say you will choose when you are older,
Time is unpredictable.
Decide now that judgement may not surprise you.
Running to devil because he satisfy your flesh only harm your soul.
Choose your Master now.
Nobody knows the hour.
Choose the way you want to walk in,
The time is now


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