I’m yours even without wealth, but my heart.
For not even the army could separate me from you,
You make me stand even when you doubt me.
Your heart is where I would like to lay my treasure which God
Has from my heart, you’re a virtuous woman as I call you,
And besides you there could be no other…you’re perfect for me
Call me guilty if I am, rather you are the first lady to my heart.
The gap of years doesn’t dictate yours and mine but Joined by love,
Status could not break me, for I have mine unlike others.
I walk my walk unlike others, for to you it’s all enough.
I crave not to be someone I’m not but yours only.
Would like to take you out when the restaurant is empty,
For I know there I could be myself, letting you know is very deep.
Would love to know the best food to please you, for I know but a few.
Fancy for now is not what I know, for so long have I longed to be at times
Not known to stores around branded with names, I’m but a stranger.
Would really like to hang my label where I never bought.
Would love to get wisdom so to please of being more wise, what would I do?
Have not much for now, but honest, my heart, faith In God,
Unless you want more now, that I don’t have, for I can offer you my prayers,
Although every man seems to be doing prayer, but I have my testimony.
Keeping you is my testimony for you unveiled the God in me I thought I knew
In competition with the best I would lose, but I’m a blessed man amongst Men.
Hide not your heart form me, and I promise I won’t hurt you. Don’t compare yourself to others your all I want, learn to trust me and I do trust you

written by: Karen Mathe



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