Speaking your heart

Facing the present

Listens to make reference of the past

Looking at you, all to see is not for present

I’m just wondering.

Your mind instilled with thoughts

A could not bear, corrupting the first fruits

To your heart, for would be stealing,

You away from knowing.

Blind me if I’m wrong

Still you look, what can you find

In this new time, those that come

And go just feelings.

I don’t mean to be strange

Words don’t describe you, perfect

You are and bold you’re so lovely

That your smile fills me with memories

If I could stay a while in your eyes

I hope not to disappoint you

The point would be measuring feelings

The heart you have engraved in line of hearts

Mind not now, look beyond to fin

written by: Karen Mathe

I think this friend of mine is an exceptional poet, he writes really good, thought I should share his work.


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