Future love again




Remember me no more and never think of this

But know that it still exist, bitter sweet the truth is

I can’t change unless you decide to turn around although

I’m ever fixed to the heart that was never fixed


I can’t say you hurt me than you hurt yourself.

Love is a universal language, im healing

Surely I remembered and forgave myself


The time I last saw you, you couldn’t even look at me,

Although it was your fault, you did not even notice

A week pass-by or so, but it was not you or me.

Time is just a great healer of wounds and pain.


You sang a song before me, close to me

With a verse that no one hear AND listen when parting way

“I’M SORRY”, cried a river seeking to float

But drowned in an empty promise of long life


The story is never finished until the is a conclusion

And never was in love by conclusion but hallo again.                                                         


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