Us not you or I

For you I stand firm knowing we will be together
Have yourself a chance at me and know I’m yours.
I don’t want anyone except for you,
But I belong to God before you and so do you.
We are not for lust to each other, But love in Christ.
Forever we will be If God still agrees to have us together,
We are crazy for each other, not out of Our mind though,
My heart beats for you, and non besides your love.
You are my health, my woman, you are strong,
You are who I love, waiting for you is worth waiting.
Your are my family, strength in Christ Jesus, your also mine in Christ
Make your heart in my heart, and rest assured you are safe-
Some day we will be in one anothers hands and you In my arms.
Catering for your needs is my duty, yours is known when we love each other.
I could describe cities we can be in, But first would love to be in your heart first,
would really love to make you my and I want to make you my wife-
lets not dress marriage as the enemy, we are to become one.
many have lost the battle by fighting marriage and not for marriage-
If God be for us then who can be against us, for we belong together.
Lets build our home together and not I alone for the foundation God has begun
Fear not when I say I got this, for its because I know you got this too,
And if we got this both of us, lets give it to God for its from our hearts
Tear down the walls, and I tear mine too, and lets extend the house.
No I nor YOU, but we are…For God in purpose UNITED ..TILL LIFE TO US APART …

written by: Karen Mathe

I am really impressed with the work of this guy, he is really good.


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