The relationship that never came to be

The chat, no phone call


image: Google

They met on a queue and being the talkative person that she is, he found her very entertaining. He has never met such a girl with captivating smile and entertaining chat. He fell for her immediately. He thought she was really nice and he wanted to get to know her more. They were done fixing what they both came to fix. He was behind her on the queue and he was scared that when she is done she would leave and he will never see her again. Lucky for him she was waiting for her friend who was behind him. He got out just to find her waiting. Filled with smile, he asked her if she was waiting for him. She smiled and when she was about to answer him, her friend came. “Oh there you are. I was just waiting for my friend. ” He was not disappointed, he was just happy she did not leave, he still did not know her name and she did not know his. “Where are you girls going from here ?” They were going to the cafeteria and he decided to walk there with them. He was just filled with excitement that he, himself did not know where it came from. They continued their conversation and her friend did not know what they were talking about. “I really love an acer laptop too. ” She was planning to buy a laptop and since he was a computer science student, he was giving her advice on which one was good. Her friend could only hear 4GB, Intel processor and she decided not to interfere in their conversation. They made it to the cafeteria and ordered some burgers and decided to eat there as well. They disappeared on him while he was waiting for his food but he was so relieved when he found them again. He immediately told her his name and asked for her phone numbers but she preferred to take his. Now she knew his name and he knew her name. They ate while talking about music, this time her friend was talking too. He bid them good bye and deep down in his heart he knew he still wanted to go with them wherever they were going. He was excited she was going to call him and that they will talk more. Weeks down the line, he still had not received any call from her. She thought he was too forward, her friend thought he liked her and all he knew was that he loved her. With disappointment filling him everyday as he waited for her call, he finally accepted that she was never going to call him.


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