Sent her eating chocolate


Image: Google

He once told her he likes her. She thought about him in her mind for a while. She assessed him and thought he did not qualify. Years down the line, he continues to call her and address her as his future wife. She is really young, never had a boyfriend in her life and he was just overwhelming to her.
She was scared to tell him to take a hike, he once cried when she did. She thought he will get tired of running after her and move on but he wasn’t. One night in her darkest hours, he called unleashing his pains. He already treated her like his future wife. She listened to what she thought was nonsense and after he hung up, she wondered how she landed herself with him. They were not together, they talk on the phone, they meet indirectly in youth gatherings of their churches. That’s where she met him. He is depression, she thought and she wanted to calm down. She immediately ran to her fridge and saw a chocolate she forgot she even bought. She ambushed it leaving the pieces of teared paper on the floor.


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