Reckless pedestrian

From the 16 of September until the 25 of September we were gone on a recess. So I went home for this week that we were given. Today (25 september 2016) as I was travelling back to university, I decided to be a bad pedestrian. We got off a taxi with this other friend of mine so that we can go and be on another one leading to another destination and when we got off, all was fine until I decided to forget the robots were opened and just crossed.

I crossed before they could open and by the time they opened I was already on the other side or rather almost on the other side. This sprinter that came flying almost hit me but it happened that I crossed faster. Nothing happened except for the fact that me and that driver knew there could have been an accident that I would have been responsible for.

We got on another taxi and as we were leaving, another person decided to do the same thing and I did and we almost had crash as the driver was avoiding hitting that person. Guess what it was a sprinter as well and this time I was part of the passengers. The people inside were furious and so was the driver. One passenger simply said the driver should have hit that dog and passed, he didn’t deserve to be spared. I guess I got an idea of how people felt in that other sprinter that almost passed with me felt. I was a dog who should have been hit and the driver pass.

So in conclusion, there were two situations which almost led to my death but all of them did not coem to pass. Although in the firsst one I was the culprit, I thank God I am alive.


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