Killed by black cats

It is night. On the bed. Sleeping. In a dream: He says goodbye to her better half as he jumps to the floor from the tree next to her window. She always waved him goodbye even when he disappeared into the dark and she closed the window while still looking outside with a smile. That was her dream for the night. She turn to the other side of the bed. A nightmare invades her peaceful sleep:

she was from the shops and walking to her room with a plastic bag filled with meat. She was suddenly walking to class with two of her friends and instead of her school bag, she was holding the same plastic bag of meat. There were a lot of cats in the university, they walked everywhere, climbed everything, they were just all over the place. It got dark while they were still walking to class. They decided to walk slow, it was dark anyway.

She saw two  black cats standing at a distance looking at them. She could tell they wanted the plastic with meat. She pretended to throw the plastic at them and when they jumped to catch nothing came. They got really furious and bared their fangs while getting closer to them. Her friends saw nothing. She gave one friend the plastic bag of meat and told her to keep walking. The cats recognised her still and wanted their meat. Her two friends saw the cats behind them and were really scared. They walked a little faster and then began to run but the cats were just behind them.

They suddenly knocked on a door in one of the rooms in the residences of the university and one student immediately opened the door for them. They flogged in and one cat got in with them. There were seven more girls in the room and out of fear they all beat the cat. The other cats could hear it’s painful cry for back up but there was no opening for them to get in. They threw it out the window.

New day. She was going to class, wearing the same clothes of yesternight. She took steps. She began to get this creepy feeling in her gut that she made a wrong decision leaving her room. She took one more step and stopped just near a tree. It was sunny and therefore hot. There was nobody else going to class just her and her alone. She turned around, just to find what looked a whole community of black cats coming from all spheres of the world. She saw nothing but death and in the twinkle of an eye, she was lying on the floor scratched all over. Furious cats walking away with blood all over them. She was dead. She became their meat.

After tossing and turning, she sprang up from her nightmare.


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