My computer lab

I have been gone on a forced holiday because of the #feesmustfall protest and I must say it has been boring but we are back and apparently we will not be allowed to breathe beacuse we have run out of time. I don’t mind finishing school in december but I know there are some people who would kill to go for a holiday I guess I will have to get used to the fact that I will studying like crazy.

Now my phone does allow me to blog, I guess when I am done with this degree it may take time until I am blogging again. In this moment as I am sitting infront of this computer in the computer lab it took me down memory lane that  I started this blog in this computer lab and I have been running it from here. I have missed this lab so much that I just came back but I am already seated here checking out what is happening in blogging world. I missed you my computer lab.


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