Died for going to class

It was just masses of individuals everywhere. Making it almost difficult to tell whether it is a group of human beings when you are watching at a long distance. The placards raised up, the students singing and the police watching carefully with their guns ready. The students were protesting and it was a natioal protest.

Tuition fees in the tertiary institutions have been incresing as if running a race but this time they were increased to a point where all students in different universities in the country came together to march against this increase. They were so furious and they willing to chant for years until the minister of education assure them in writting that there will be a zero percent increase in tuition fee increase.

A lot of discussions went on between the different stakeholders affected by these protests and a decision was made that students must go back to classes and that the issue of fees will be sorted. Many students wanted to go back to class and finish the academic year but there were those who wanted to march until the issue was put to bed and in writing that is signed and sealed. There was now a divsion among students but the government took the side of the majority who wanted to go back to class and study.

Letters were issued by vice chancellors for students to come back to university and many students were happy to go back and learn. They had a plan to protest after they were done with the academic year.

The students who wanted to continue protesting were few in each university but they seemed very dangerous. They threatened students not to go to class and some sneaked into other people’s classes and disrupted them. It was chaos in various universities but the police were assigned to go and help.

It was a windy wednesday morning, when he was in a rush. He did not even look behind for he had to get to where he was going. He lived off campus and he was always late for morning classes that he always rushed like mad. He always looked down when he walked but funny enough he bumped into no one and always reached his destination. He only looked up when he had to swipe his student card at the gate to get in the campus.

Just when he was closer to the gate, there was a sudden noise.  People were screaming to a point where they forced him to look up and check why they were screaming and why that noise was coming his direction. When he looked up to see what was happening, the crowd of angry boys had already gathered around him and pushed him to the floor. He was beaten up. The police were still with other protesters and when they got to the crowd that dispersed quickly, they found there lying a corpse covered with stones. In fear of more of this tragedy happeing again in the country, all universities were shutdown indefinately until a solution was reached.


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