Engagement gone wrong

They have been dating for two years now and it has been a lot of bliss. He couldn’t wait to marry her. She has always been a hot and cold person but he tolerated it, he loved her so much. She made him very happy that even her on and off atittude did not bug him. This day she is happy, tommorrow she is not. He has been trying to find out why is this happening but without success.He took her out on a date and they bonded. He wanted to tell her that it was time they got married.

I am more than ready to be your husband. You are the reason for my smile, the reason I look foward to a brand new day. I can’t wait to sleep right next you and each and everyday of our lives

She was filled with a lot of smiles and teas of joy. He took out a box, put it on the table and opened it. She looked at it with her hands on her chest. She looked at him and smiled knowing the question that was going to follow afterwards.

Mandy, will you marry me?

She looked at him feeling insulted, took her blazer and bag bag “go and marry someone else” and she walked away. “Mandy! Mandy! What is happening!” He was so confused, he did not understand what he had done wrong. He was torn as he took the box with a ring in it and closed with tears going down his cheeks so fast as he look at the door where she went out.

He did not kneel down when asking her and so she walked away.


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